• A candidate who have passed the B.Ed examination of this University or any other University recognized as equivalent theretoshall be eligible for admission to the course, provided he/she has secured at least 50% of the marks in the aggregate. In case of SC/ST Students this percentage of marks shall be at least 45%. However candidates who are deputed by the Government of Karnataka to the course are exempted from the above (IIa) eligibility condition.
  • Provisional admissions of candidates shall be determined based on the aggregate of the entrance test marks (50%) and the qualifying examinations marks (50%) following reservation system and the guidelines issued by the University in this respect from time to time. However, the candidates deputedby the Government of Karnataka to the course are exempted from the Entrance test.
  • The intake for the course shall be prescribed by the NCTE and as approved by the University in this respect from time to time.
  • The procedure followed with respect to calendar of admissions shall be in conformity with the guidelines issued by the University each year.


The course for the Master's Degree in Education i.e. M.Ed Semester(Regular) shall be of two academic year having Four Semesters. The Terms and Vacations to the course would be as prescribed by the University from time to time.


Each student shall study the following 4 core compulsory papers and two papers from the chosen specialisation he/she has opted for and also submit a dissertation after pursuing research on a problem as per the course structure finalized for the first and the second semesters. The two papers chosen from a specialization shall be the first paper in the specialization that bears the title of the specialization and any other paper from the specialization.

Dissertation shall be submitted by every students towards the end of the second semester as per the date notified in this respect by the Department. The instructions for the course shall be way of lectures delivered, seminars, practical and visits conducted.



I. Educational Management

Paper: 1.1 Educational Management and Administration
1.2 Economics of Education and Educational Planning
1.3 Educational Leadership and Group Dynamics

II. Early Childhood Education

Paper: 2.1 Child Development and Guidance
2.2 Principles, Practice and Problems of Early Childhood Education
2.3 Principles and Practice of Integrated Education

III. Curriculum and Instructions

Paper: 3.1 Curriculum Development
3.2 Advanced Methods of Teaching
3.3 Multi-media Technology of Education

IV. Educational Technology

Paper: 4.1 Educational and Instructional Technology
4.2 Multi-media Technology of Education

V. Teacher Education

Paper: 5.1 Principles and Systems of Teacher Education
5.2 Advanced Methods of Teaching
5.3 Multi-media Technology of Education

VI. Community Education

Paper: 6.1 Non-Formal and Population Education
6.2 Distance Education
6.3 Environmental Education 

VII. Educational Measurement and Evaluation

Paper: 7.1 Methods and Tools of Measurement and Evaluation
7.2 Principles and Methods of Test Construction
7.3 Performance Assessment and Examination Reforms


Paper I: Philosophical and Psychological Foundation of Education
Paper II: Sociological Foundations and Historical Perspective of Education
Paper III: Methodology of Educational Research and Educational Statistics
Paper IV: Computer Education


The following shall be the scheme of examination for the core and specialization papers:

A. Compulsory Core Papers
External          Internal

Paper - I
Paper - II
Paper - III
Paper - IV

B. Fields of Specialization

Paper - I
Paper - I
Paper - III

C. Dissertation